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We are Josh, Beverly, and Persephone.  We have been traveling the world since 2006 when we booked a trip from San Francisco to Cancun and the Yucatan.  We loved traveling around this area of Mexico, taking in the sites from Tulum to Merida.  We were hooked.  Within a year and a half we saved up to backpack around Western Europe and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore).

Since then we have been to Europe a few more times (we currently are now teaching english in Kiev, Ukraine) and the middle east.  We also returned to the Yucatan twice more as well as backpacked around Central America and Puerto Rico.

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Travel for us is a way of life.  We love adventure.  There is something magical about experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and trying new food.  The feeling of stepping off a plane or bus in a new part of the world is unbeatable to us.  We love to see new sites and write about what we see.

We are not wealthy, in fact, we often travel on a tight budget.  We like to take very long trips that allow us to get off the beaten path and really experience a country.  Many of our trips have been over a month in duration.  We make money abroad by teaching English, writing books, blogging, and selling on Etsy.  We also have a good amount saved up.  We believe in the importance and power of multiple income streams.

We now reside in Kyiv, Ukraine and teach English.  This has allowed us to spend more time in a new part of the world.  Our daughter, Persephone, lives with us and is enjoying the sites and people who take notice of her and love seeing her.

We are Christians who take religion seriously.  We believe in being stewards to the environment and giving locals wide respect.  We are in their home - often as visitors.  We believe in healthy living and being a positive influence on others and showing others how to live a positive life.  One way in which we do this is through an English speaking club that we run in Kyiv: Friday Night Club.  We teach a wide variety of topics about the Bible and about how to live life according to healthy principles.  We also integrate some psychology into the mix.

Our dream is to continue to travel the world and one day teach English in Thailand.  Some of our dream destinations include Greece, India, Nepal, and Argentina.

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